joi, aprilie 24, 2008


E dubios. Nu prea mai dorm.

Si nu stiu ca vine Pastele.

De visat visez inca... si uneori urat.

Uneori frumos.

4 comentarii:

Eusebio Digital spunea...

fi de la cafea...

gigix spunea...

fi ca inca poti:)

madeinbukarest spunea...

vine Pastele? deja?!?!?!

clara spunea...

dap. piesa asta e... No comments on it.
Btw,am scos si versurile.

Oh, I tried to catch you while you ran ahead of me, i lassoed moons
to see if you were hiding there,
but you'd already ran past Jupiter to Pluto's moon,
and my rope won't reach that moon.

This is a state of electrical shock,
you are so beautiful - I thought you'd last forever,
but you came and you went.

When the lights went out you went like you came, in a lightning bolt.

Why did you go like this? I slam against the wall.
It's crushing my skull, why did you go like this?